Infected Chaos – Killing Creator

Release Date 15.09.2017

Infected Chaos - Killing Creator Albumcover

Album Tracks:

1.   Fire To The Ashes
2.   One With the Wild
3.   Arcane Perfection
4.   Evangelion Noir
5.   Hatecreed
6.   Killing Creator
7.   Rise, Battle, Destroy
8.   The Blade In The Fog
9.   Lair Of The Heretic
10. Into Westward Waves
11. Among The Wastes

Infected Chaos – The Wake of Ares

Release Date 27.03.2015

Infected Chaos - The Wake of Ares Albumcover

Album Tracks:

1.   Rotting in Chains

2.   Devours the Light (Lyrics)

3.   Ninth Circle (Lyrics)

4.   The Arson Anthem (Lyrics)

5.   Wolves in thy Pantheon (Lyrics)

6.   Code of I.C. (Lyrics)

7.   Awaking into Nightmare (Lyrics)

8.   Strike from the Sky (Lyrics)

9.   Ia, God of War (Lyrics)

10. The silent Monoliths of Grandeur (Lyrics)

11. Blooddawn Resistance (Lyrics)

12. On the Sea of Grief (Lyrics)

Recorded: Matthias Mayr / DC Records

Mixed & Mastered: Christoph Brandes / Iguana Studios

Infected Chaos Logo: by Christophe Szpaidel/Nino R. Meija

Cover Artwork: by J.L.Rey / Phlegeton Art Studio